Alternate Energy Wind Turbines


As a leader in the energy legal sector, CharneyBrown is at the forefront of renewable energy law, which continues to grow in our region and will become a major player in electricity generation in the future.

As investments in new technologies continue to advance the alternative energy industry, the need for knowledgeable counsel to help negotiate and guide stakeholders thorough new laws and regulations is paramount. We provide counsel in the following services for those interested in Alternative/Renewable Energy:

  • Develop Renewable Energy Projects (Including Wind and Solar)
  • Securing Environmental Permits (Including Permits for Water Usage, as Part of Compliance Strategy)
  • Draft/Review Wind Leases
  • Draft/Review Easement and Transmission Agreements
  • Representation in Real Estate Transactions
  • Guidance in permitting and zoning issues
  • Secure Right-of-Ways Necessary for Project Development

Using our mineral title expertise and proprietary ownership software, we are uniquely situated to provide solar and wind energy title opinions, as well as ownership reports, during important project planning stages.

​Our title opinions lay the groundwork for a proposed project and ensure potential problems are identified so that our clients’ ventures start on the strongest possible footing.


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